Participate as an Endorsing Partner

Are you interested in sharing data and exchanging information with others? Establishing a data sharing collaboration can be difficult. Giving access to commercially valuable or privacy-sensitive assets is risky. That is why we’re developing AMdEX, an online data notary. AMdEX sets and enforces the terms and techniques you want and need, to protect the data you’d like to share.

Endorsing partnership

Our endorsing partners support the development of AMdEX through in-kind contributions, such as expertise, data, technology and/or PR. They support the open availability of experience and knowledge gained during this process. In turn we will acknowledge your participation as endorsing partner on our website.

Participation enables you to take part in AMdEX Usecases and the AMdEX Lab.

Want to join AMdEX as an endorsing partner?

Then get in touch with AMdEX directly. And have a look at our endorsing partners.

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