About AMdEX


The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, it is data. In the Information Age, data powers growth and change, and offers new opportunities for fairer and more efficient societies. But this prospect is hampered for various reasons. One of these is that less than 1% of all data is actually used, shared and analysed. Because of uncertainty about security, privacy and other legal issues such as data ownership, organisations do not share data at all or resort to individual contracts for exchanging data. Which means we are missing big opportunities.

What is it?

AMdEX is an innovation fieldlab initiated by AMS-IX, SURF, UvA, DEXES & Amsterdam Economic Board and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

In this fieldlab parties collaborate to develop and test trusted, fair and scalable technologies to support the emergence of datamarkets in which its members can freely decide with whom to interact and under which conditions. We do this by researching, testing and deploying:

  • A neutral exchange infrastructure that provides and executes reliable data sharing archetypes.
  • That technology providers can integrate into their products to service datamarkets and datatrusts.
  • Which is language-and operating system agnostic so users remain free to choose their IT infrastructure, development platform or programming model.
  • Which is not owned by a few parties, but operates as a public facility by all and for all.


Envisioned benefits of AMdEX:

  • Cost savings – technology providers and datamarkets can implement datasharing archetypes offered by AMdEX as a service. There is no need to invest in physical hardware and software.
  • High speed – AMdEX replaces one-off solutions that take a long time to implement and allows parties to swiftly spin up secure and fair data sharing solutions.
  • Competitive edge – with AMdEX you can rapidly deploy and iterate faster with a focus on innovation, not on managing infrastructure.