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AMdEX accelerates the transition to a fair data economy

We give users control over their data by co-designing and co-developing a secure, trusted and neutral infrastructure for data sharing.

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WldB great if co.s cld widely share data e.g. re: aircraft engine maintenance, but they also don't want competitors to gain advntage;
Solution is #dataspace = exchange-forum w/strict controls & @AmdexEu is such a new #Amsterdam initiative (@KLM is partner)

'Flying is more #safe and #efficient when airlines share data about their #aircraft.'
@FD_Nieuws newspaper featured an article about @KLM taking part in the development of #AMdEX, the Amsterdam Data Exchange.

Read it (in Dutch):

#datasharing #airlines

The @DataSharingEU published a position paper on its strategic cooperations. The plans for further collaborations with #AMdEX are extensive.

Read more:

@AmEcBoard @AMS_IX @SURF_NL @UvA_Amsterdam
#datasharing #datadelen

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