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AMdEX accelerates the transition to a fair data economy

We give users control over their data by co-designing and co-developing a secure, trusted and neutral infrastructure for data sharing.

Why AMdEX is a good idea
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Providing access to your data - in a way you remain in control. How would that benefit your organization?

The AMdEX team is happy to answer questions on 8 June from 9-10 AM. Register to take part:

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Our partners @tomvanarman and @HayoSchreijer are now presenting how AMdEX is making #datasharing happen for #data, collected by sensors at @Marineterrein_A.

Read more on this usecase:

A keen group of AMdEX followers is taking part.

Sensors at @Marineterrein_A collect data on water quality, visitor numbers, noise and biodiversity. Who'd not be keen to tap into that treasure chest?

Our team is working on unlocking those data. Read how:

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