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AMdEX accelerates the transition to a fair data economy

We give users control over their data by co-designing and co-developing a secure, trusted and neutral infrastructure for data sharing.

Why AMdEX is a good idea
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A keen interest in AMdEX's progress made for a lively and inspiring online meetup last week. Did you miss the event? Want to download a presentation?

Find all ins and outs in our article:

Want to share data while remaining in total control? We're working on making that happen. Register now for our online Meetup at 2 December 4:30 PM and hear all about our latest developments.

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The #cultural sector aims to reach a wide and diverse audience. #Datasharing across cultural institutions could lead to increased numbers of visitors.

At 10 November, @WillemKoeman talks about #AMdEX, which enables safe and reliable data sharing.

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