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AMdEX accelerates the transition to a fair data economy

AMdEX is developing a digital notary. Offering legal contracts to organisations that want to share data. Even the most sensitive data. AMdEX translates your data sharing agreements into machine-readable policies, that can automatically be enforced. Saving you manual work, time and money.

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⦿ Succesvolle proef circulaire zorgjassen
⦿ Anders kijken anders doen met @GrimbergenDA
⦿ Zó deel je gevoelige #data met @AMdEXeu

#MetropoolvanMorgen #slimgroengezond

🔐 Share your #data and maintain your #privacy! SVB & UWV use MPC to share data for poverty alleviation. But how do you avoid having to make repeated agreements with all parties for each case? That is exactly what AMdEX stands for.


Sensors collect #data that can tell a story about the use of #SmartBuildings. "Safe, trusted exchange of such data is necessary to solve bigger issues in our society", says @CarolienNijhuis (@KPNIoT).

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