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AMdEX accelerates the transition to a fair data economy

We give users control over their data by co-designing and co-developing a secure, trusted and neutral infrastructure for data sharing.

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Our Community Meetup provided powerful insights about our latest developments, enabling safe and controlled #datasharing. As well as some excellent #networking.

Find the presentations, pictures and a link to the #dataexchange #game:

#data #dataaccess

'@AMdEXeu is a unique initiative. Large #tech companies would be really keen on adopting it. Are you aware of that?' - audience question.

'We'd welcome them to work according to fair AMdEX principles for #datasharing!'


The #dataexchange #game has just kicked off the @AMdEXeu Community Meetup this afternoon at @wickedgroundsnl

A great way to learn more about safe and controlled #datasharing.


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