Endorsing partner Raymond ter Riet (Luminis)

Luminis has kept a close eye on AMdEX’s progress since its inception. Data and innovative technical solutions are the company’s field of expertise. Getting involved as an endorsing partner was therefore a logical next step to Raymond ter Riet, Vice President Products.

The world of technology changes constantly and the complexity and speed of these changes keep increasing. This is why organisations need a guide to help them find the best tools to anticipate change and stay ahead of the competition. Luminis helps organisations innovate successfully, with their cloud solutions and ways to better protect, store, and analyse data.

What makes AMdEX interesting to Luminis?

Raymond ter Riet | AMdEX

Raymond ter Riet

“We sought out AMdEX after they published their first press release. At the time, we were working with a British university, that was studying the side-effects of cancer treatments”, says Raymond ter Riet. “The university wanted to share information with a pharmaceutical company and encountered several difficulties. These were not just technological hurdles, but legal ones and various conflicting interests as well. It made me realise that, even though the necessary technology is available, we need more to share data. Technologically, we are already able to exchange data, but we need to also take human trust issues into account. We concluded we needed a stronger foundation and stumbled upon AMdEX.”

Why did you become an endorsing partner?

“AMdEX is a consortium of private and public companies, offering a structure to ensure data is shared safely and fairly. That, for us, was a reason to jump on board and become one of the endorsing partners. Data is at the heart of most digital transformations. To safely share and store data is crucial to us.”

Partner in the Smart Buildings usecase

Luminis is working with the AMdEX team on the Smart Building usecase. They extract and combine data from different sources, such as sensors from various companies, and turn it into one new data source that app builders can use.

What does ‘data economy’ mean to you?

“A data economy is a data-driven economy, which is already quite an accurate way to describe the world we live in. Lots of companies make business decisions based on data. Gathering and analysing the right data allows you to shorten time-to-value and stay ahead of constant market changes. At Luminis, we believe a future data economy should be fair. So we are a proud AMdEX partner!”

How would you picture a fair data economy?

“Everyone should be able to know who owns data about them, what kind of information it pertains, and then have the autonomy to decide what happens to the stored data. Both as a person, and as a company. Giving people the means to determine what happens to their data, that is what the future of data will look like if you ask us.”

What are the most important data challenges in the future?

“Every year we generate more and more data. The quality of data and the value in time is more important than collecting everything you can. How do we assure the quality of data? How do we determine the value of data in time? How do we ensure the collected data is validated? At this stage we need to start thinking about the meaning of data. By combining domain knowledge with data, we discover the true meaning of data and keep the value of data in the future.”

“We would like a sustainable and fair data economy, with professional policies and governance on owning and handling data in a way that protects people. At Luminis we are constantly innovating and developing data solutions according to secure, sustainable and inclusive principles. We create use cases that show data can be shared safely, in compliance with governance and regulations. We show the advantages of data exchange, in terms of business value and innovation. Luminis has the technology, and people with the required knowledge of data and technology. This helps us support a fair data economy, by showing our clients and guiding them through all the possibilities.”

Text: Karina Meerman

Interested in joining AMdEX?

Data sharing can be tricky – especially when sensitive data are involved. AMdEX is developing a digital notary that can translate your data sharing agreements into machine-readable policies. Sounds interesting? Read more about joining us as a partner. Or simply subscribe to our newsletter.