AMdEX Community Meetup 10 November 2022

A great turnout attended the AMdEX Community Meetup to hear more about the latest developments, enabling safe and controlled data sharing. The programme contained powerful insights for everyone, as well as a fun get-together and some networking to round off the afternoon.

The event kicked off with the presentation of a data exchange game, developed by Gloria García Dosil at AMdEX partner AMS-IX. The game offers a playful way to gain knowledge about difficulties and potential hazards that organisations may encounter when they’d like to share their data. How to prevent such dangers? That is exactly what the AMdEX team is working on in our usecases.

Hayo Schreijers, director at AMdEX partner Dexes, illustrated in his presentation some of the challenges that come with data sharing – especially sensitive data. What conditions should be implemented so a data owner can be sure their data will not be compromised? And how can such rules be enforced?

Digital notary

University of Amsterdam researcher Thomas van Binsbergen works on a machine-readable language, enabling computers to ‘understand’ the rules and criteria a data owner might like to apply to their data sets. As a ‘digital notary’, AMdEX would use that language to correctly apply the conditions a data owner sets. And enforce the agreed measures when a data user doesn’t comply.

The infrastructure of the internet, as a resource, is a great example of a common, said Robert Goené of Waag in his presentation, while pointing out Elinor Ostrom’s design principles for the commons. The internet is a collaboration, a collectively managed resource that offers shared benefits to all involved. “Commons are great. One of their biggest threats are freeriders. Users who only take, offering nothing in return. AMdEX is not a common but would be greatly beneficial to facilitating data commons. By setting and enforcing rules.

More data commons

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