AMdEX Usecases

AMdEX is looking for concrete usecases that need fair data exchange between partners that can be developed in the AMdEX fieldlab. These usecases solve real problems of companies and organizations. And at the same time the developing partners learn from the practical problems they encounter and advance the development of AMdEX as a whole.

Criteria for usecases

An AMdEX Usecase must meet a number of criteria. A good usecase:

  • Can be translated into generic solutions for other data sharing challenges and fits the scope of AMdEX
  • Enables many-to-many transactions
  • Promotes data sovereignty
  • Creates significant value for organizations that share data
  • Delivers well-managed data, algorithms and clear terms
  • Is ethically responsible (according to the Tada-principles)

Contact us when you want to offer a usecase or have an idea for a usecase!

What other AMdEX Usecases are there?

Read more on the AMdEX Usecases that are currently being tested in the AMdEX Fieldlab.