AMdEX Workgroups

The technical, organizational and ethical models that govern AMdEX are shaped and discussed in work groups. The contributors of the work groups come from a variety of organizations and bring in different kinds of expertise. The end goal is to collectively shape a set of frameworks, allowing us to run and maintain an AMdEX association. We currently have two active work groups and foresee a number of new ones in the time to come.

  • Cross domain & international collaboration (how do we connect to the right parties?) Outcome: a strategy and plan to liaise with national and international initiatives – starts in September 2021 
  • Trust framework (how do I connect to AMdEX?) Outcome: a technology map, reference architecture and design for software definable templates – starts in  September 2021
  • Public values (how do we design operational criteria that reflect public values?) Outcome: a methodology or framework that can be used to express public values in operational criteria.
  • Data service framework (what does the AMdEX infra look like?) Outcome: a prototype proxy service for interoperability with other data spaces
  • Harmonization (what standards is AMdEX going to use?) Outcome: an assessment of relevant standards to be used
  • Governance (how do we govern AMdEX?) Outcome: an organization outline including governance and business models

Contact us if you want to participate in one of the AMdEX Workgroups!